Monday, 18 April 2011

Kate Middleton: From Runway to Royal...

So enough about us.... for our first post we thought we'd give you a look at another journey. Whilst we are just beginning our journey, Kate Middleton is gracefully caught in the whirlwind of hers. With what is expected to be the best day of a girls life being scrutinized by and shared with every human being on the planet, Middleton's suitability to join our prestigious and guarded royal family is being judged more and more by the day. However, Middleton seems to be elegantly proving wrong anyone who ever doubted she has what it takes to be part our monarchy. As a result we thought we would take a look at how she has become the stunning and ever so genuine young lady that we long to see gracing the throne. (with a focus on her fashion-life of course!)
From relatively humble beginnings (her father being a flight officer for British airways) Catherine Elizabeth Middleton was born in Reading and grew up in Berkshire. After studying at Malborough college in Wiltshire, she moved on to the University of St Andrews where she studied History of Art alongside Prince William and her journey really began!

The love is said to have blossomed at the fundraising fashion show when William saw his future wife sashay down the catwalk in a barely there dress with tussled hair. The romance is said to have grown from there but this appearance in the fashion show firmly stated Middleton's interest in fashion and the arts. Designer Charlotte Todd has claimed a role in helping the royal love story along...
"‘The dress is a part of fashion history – the moment William could first have fallen in love with Kate – and that makes me really proud,’ she said.
‘If it hadn’t been see-through, William might not have noticed her. I definitely think it has a played a part in the royal love story"

 Middleton continued to love William and shared a flat with him at university as she grew in to an evermore independent young woman, proving she has what it takes to lead. In 2007 she accepted a position as accessories buyer with high-street clothing chain "jigsaw" where she brought her stylish eye and artistic glamour to their every necklace and bag. She was seen as a walking advert for the brand, often seen wearing their floral print dresses and cardigans, so naturally (with a little help from family connections) she was the perfect choice for the post.

She quit the job saying she needed time for herself , when asked what she was going to do next she is said to have replied that she may become a photographer and open a gallery. Consequent rumours spread that she would be taught the art by renowned photographer Mario Testino. Testino quietened these rumours and Middleton concentrated on her own life without the press harassment she had experienced whilst with William after the couple's split, which was apparently due to the unbearable pressure from the media in 2007. However, she is seen here casually dressed, looking content in a gorgeous thick-knit and simple accessories. Over the next few months the couple rekindled their romance and they soon became an "it-couple" once again!
Kate continued to attend events with William and the couple became engaged during a trip to Kenya in November 2010, Clarence House announced their engagement November 16th 2010!

During this happy time Middleton's public appearances and duties rose as we all took our future queen to our hearts and expected only great things from her. One of these great things was her style. Middleton has appeared in a variety of serious skirt-suits, outstanding gowns and sophisticated cocktail dresses as she proves her worth and earns her stripes.

But although the journey may be as stylish as one can expect, it is what she finishes her journey to royal matrimony in that counts! with the competition to design the coveted dress driving the fashion world crazy, we can all expect to be amazed when Middleton steps out of the controversial car to show us the first glimpse of her chosen dress which will inevitably catapult the lucky designer to fame if they aren't already well-known. Here are a few of the favorites!...oh and congratulations to William and Kate!

Thanks for reading our first post and we hope you join us on our journey xxx

Philipa Lepley
Sarah Burton, a little more controversial!

Amanda Wakeley, a classic

Oscar De La Renta
Elie Saab




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